Sunday, January 31, 2010


Tomorrow starts up Project Nice 2.0!!!

Are you giddy with excitement? I am.

This time around it's a little different. I've asked other people if they would join in.

I asked my friends on facebook. My writing group. My co-workers. My students And I posted a discussion at Nerdfighters.ning

Facebook friends= 4 people signed up.
Writing group= 4 people signed up
Co-workers= 8 people signed up
Students= 2 former students signed up
Nerdfighters= 11 Nerdfighters!!!!!

Grand total of people participating: 29.

People who signed up have to complete 7 nice things in 28 days. They will write up the experiance in the same format that I've been doing for the blog.

Then they will ask one friend to do something nice for someone.

Total number of good deeds projected to be accomplished?
30 things by me
29x 7= 203
29 nice need from the friends
Grand TOTAL 262 acts of kindness.

You can see it, but I'm doing a pretty nifty dance in front of my computer.

Questions from an imaginary person on the internet who from this point I will call, Imam Visible. Get it, I'm invisible. Ha!

Imam: Hey, Erinn!
Me: Yes?
Imam: I read your blog, and I didn't sign up, can I still sign up?
Me: Of course you can!

Please e-mail me @ I'll send you all sorts of cool information and tips and tricks to being nice.

Imam: Um, Erinn, I'm not exactly what you would call a social person... I don't like talking to strangers, but I do like being nice... what do I do and can I still sign up?

Me: Excellent question... YES you can sign up and my next round of tips will be covering that very topic!

Imam: Erinn, I have one more question?
Me: Yes, how can I help you?
Imam: I dig what you're doing, but I don't really have the time or energy to be nice to people, but I DO want to help you out since you're SO cool and awesome and nice.
Me: ::blush:: why, thank you.
Imam: How can I help?
Me: For starters you can follow the blog by hitting the follow button on the side.
You can also leave me comments-- comments make me VERY happy-- as long as they are nice comments.
You can also follow Project Nice on twitter

We'll I'm off to do nice things for someone... I've got to get a jump start on this.

Thanks everyone!

A new logo will debut tomorrow too!


  1. so are we just supposed to write the nice things we do through comments on this blog?