Thursday, June 3, 2010

CIndy Day 10

TITLE: Bark if you want treats! Animal Control Part Two

Date: 4 Feb 2010

Explanation of the act:

Last time I went to the animal control they were busy which is fabulous! The people looked like they work hard. They also informed me of what types of supplies they needed. I decided to go to Walmart and buy: cat toys, bag of cat food, 6 pack of wet dog food, 5 bags of dog treats, and 5 dog rope toys. I also decided that the people who work there need treats too! I made a super easy chocolate cake – the same one I made for the security guards. The 5 dog toys and 5 bags of dog treats got put in gift bags with the following label.
Thank you for adopting a dog that needs a good home. Here are a few treats to get you started! Enjoy!

Courtesy of the Do Gooders from Project Nice

Along with the cake I included the following note:

Thank you for taking care of Howard County’s neglected, homeless, and abused animals. Your service to them is greatly appreciated! Enjoy some treats for you in addition to the treats for the animals.


Project Nice Do Gooder

For allergy purposes

Cake contents: chocolate box cake mix, vanilla pudding mix, skim milk, cocoa power

Frosting contents: powered sugar, vanilla, butter, skim milk, chocolate chips

Erinn and I made a date to take all the stuff over. Luckily they weren’t too busy. There was one other person there “reclaiming” her pet. There was an adorable well-behaved, attentive dog hanging out behind the desk.

They said thanks but weren’t overly enthusiastic (they haven’t tasted the cake yet). They did get my address so they could send a Thank You note.

Would I do it again?

Sure but probably not to that extent. I am thinking monthly donations.

Cost: $40 – I know it sounds like a lot but think of the number of animals and people that benefit from this. 5 adoption gift bags, 6 cans of dog food, at least 24 cat toys, many many servings of dry cat food, and all the people that get to eat cake. Probably less than $1 per animal (be it human, dog, or cat).

Delivering was minimal, cake is pretty easy, purchasing at Walmart was easy


1hr or so for cake and icing prep

30 min at Walmart (my line was pretty slow and I was doing comparison shopping, if I knew my brands ahead of time it would be much shorter)

15 min to drive from my house to the adoption center

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