Friday, June 11, 2010

Jenny day 6

Put money in a charity box
Date: 26/02/10

You know those people you see on the street and in shops, collecting money for charity? I pass them by every time. But as I was on a nice outing already, I decided to put some money in for once. It was a cancer charity, and there’s really no arguing with the work they do. So I emptied purse and put all my spare chage in.

Reactions: A brief thankyou.

Would I do it again? Next time I see the guy who sells the Big Issue outside the supermarket I’m going to buy it, so yes!
Cost: My spare change, maybe £2?
Effort: Nothing.
Time: A few seconds.

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  1. HEY- just FYI- I like both your blogs, but when I try to comment on the other one it never works. I had the same problem with mine a while back, and I googled solutions and one worked. Wish I had better info about how to fix it.