Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 14 family in need

Bought food for a family in need.

I work in a upper middle class area and it's hard to remember that we have students whose families need help.

Kids coming to school without backpacks or food, that doesn't happen in our school, in other schools, sure, but not mine.


True the population isn't a huge number, but it's more then 1 and really 1 is too many.

Each year the school puts a paper Christmas tree filled with ornaments. We "adopt" three families. These ornament are pieces of paper with items written on them that a family needs.

One family asked for, "gift card for food, socks and underwear."
My heart broke.

No, this was supposed to happen in Baltimore and in DC, not here.

I picked the ornament for a the food.

I drove to a grocery store near the school and bought a $25 gift card. $25 isn't going to get the family far. But I was going to include all the coupons from the newspapers for the weekend and hopefully that will help out

Will I do it again?: How could I not?

How much did it cost me? $25 and $2.50 for a newspaper
How much time did it take? 20 minutes to drive to the store and buy the card.
How much effort? A little bit more then other activities.

Also how can you do something good with NO Effort at all?
First go here and watch the video explaining the importance of eyelash research verses Malaria research. It's awesome. Then click here and watch her video. If she wins she's going to pay for college and buy an arc.


  1. This morning when I checked my email I had a message from (an online charity for school donations where teachers post a need for specific projects and send you feedback once they reach their goal and receive the items their class needs) stating that someone anonymously sent me a $25 gift card.

    It's so amazing and inspiring when someone gives without expecting anything in return (which is why I read this blog everyday!). I was having a kind of blah day up until reading the email. Now, I have such a huge smile on my face :o)

    I chose the project to give to, but still felt in the giving mood so I decided to order a wedding gift for a good friends brother that recently got married. I wasn't at their wedding, but they're young and just getting started... I wanted to do something nice for them. So, I found their registry at Target and placed an order for some dishes, and had it mailed to them.

  2. Food, socks and underwear. Aw crap, that's sad :( We always find a place that has those Christmas trees with people's requests on them. And the shoe box appeal, you have that around, don't you?