Thursday, December 24, 2009

Day 24 Shoveled out a parking spot


Shoveled out a parking spot for my parents.

My parents are coming up for the holidays. Yes, and it snowed. I live on a street with zero parking. Well there is parking but it's taken up by residents with ten billion cars.

With all the snow, the streets are narrower and there is a lack of parking.

Remember when I said the snow that had been plowed and a tiny mountain of soul crushing snow? Well three days later it's still there and just as soul crushing.

I shoveled out a spot big enough for my parent's car and when they leave on Monday and the ice and snow will still be there, someone else will have a parking spot.

My mom said, "that was nice."

Would I do it again: To create extra parking for those who need in my hood, maybe. Yes I have helped a lot of them, but lots of the people in my neighbor only look out for themselves. This one is a we'll have to wait and see.
Cost: energy and my back
Effort: lots- the snow wasn't as light and fluffy as it was a few days ago. Melt water and refreezing had a role to play in that.

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