Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day 30- Paid for a metro card

Paid for a metro card.

Yesterday I got an e-mail from NewsChannel 8 to do a 6 minute segment about Be Nice To a Stranger. WOW! The epic tale starts off like this, my friend Cindy e-mailed a radio station about my blog. The DJ said he would talk about it on the air. Yesterday morning they talked about it. I didn't hear it, I was asleep. Then a producer for Let's Talk Live, heard the about the blog on drive to work. She connacted the radio station for my information, they gave her Cindy's info. Cindy called me and poof 24 hours later, I was being interviewed.

You can see it here

Yes I know I move a lot.

So now you know why I'm in DC.

Event:I was standing in the metro station waiting to buy my metro card. I put money one the card, it was the same basic process I had done plenty of times before. Then I did it again and place $5 onto a second metro card. There was a large crowd of people behind me. I called out to the crowd, "Anyone want a free metro card?" Blank stares. I'm getting the distrusting she's a crazy person look. Then I saw someone. I handed the card to her. I smiled at her. "Here, you're one of my former students, you take it."

OK I've been teaching for 9 years now. This week I've run into more former students then i have in six months. It's been crazy. I should also be stated I live about 30 minutes away from the metro, so it's pretty amazing I ran into my student.

She smiled and said it was weird to take something from a former teacher. I smiled at her and said, I'm going on TV today because I've been nice to strangers. Congrats you win."
She laughed and took the card.

Would I do it again: Sure.
Time: 30 seconds- I messed up making the card.
Effort: None
Cost $5.00


  1. Erinn - too cool! Carol

  2. Wow Erinn,

    Congratulations!! What wonderful kind acts you have shared with others. Enjoyed your blog and the TV interview.
    Have a terrific New Year! See ya soon.


  3. Hey girl- Wow, you may have a career in broadcasting- you looked great! And you have been a credit to all of us. I have done a few things this month but I PALE in comparison to you. Thanks for your inspiration to those of us who know you! Happy New Year! Mary J

  4. Erin,

    You are my idol. I'm gonna buy you another cookie!


  5. WOW!!! I could NOT stop smiling while I watched you on TV!!! Very, very cool! I am going to show this to my son and his girlfriend as soon as they both wake up!