Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day 29 Spread the word-- and tax deductions.

Spread the word-- and tax deductions.

The good deed for today is to spread the word about great charities out there.

A few weeks ago Nerdfighters and the Vlog Brothers started this one day event called The Project for Awesome. It's where people posted videos about different charities and everyone else commented, favorited and rated the videos and basically they took over youtube. It was a huge success this year. It was tweeted about more the Avatar the James Cameron movie.

So here are some links to videos and different charities...


This is the charity my husband and I donated to this year.




There's a lot blogs right now doing things with this charity where if you comment on the blog then the blogger will donate to this charity. Nathan Bradford is doing it.

BTW Tessa (the girl in the youtube video WON!!!!!)

This video is pretty amazing. It is a great cause but there are better autism charities out there

Uncultured Project




There's TONS of people out there doing great things. Let's make their day together. My hubby and I already donated to one cause.
I will personally use some my of Christmas money to donate to one of the charities. I will donate one dollar for every comment below. The charity with the most votes will get the cash.

How do I comment? Click on the comment button, if you don't have a google, yahoo or AOL account you can comment anonymously. Please do NOT comment only on my facebook page. Please comment HERE.

Please comment like this;

Name, Charity and say something else.


Erinn- Hiefer.org. Cow are cool.

That equals $1 for the charity that wins.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME THE CHARITY. All the comments will help but I need to know which charity to donate to.

I will personally donate up to $100. I am using the money I never spent cat sitting my mother in law's cats over the summer.

If you donate to a cause too,(and mention that in the comments) I will donate TWO dollars. I will do this until December 31. There's not a lot of time to comment! Do it quickly.

This is my evil plan to see how many people are really reading this.

Will I do it again: We'll see how this one goes, but I really like the idea!
Time: one episode of Dora the Explore to type up this blog
Effort: well, it took one episode of Dora the Explore to type up this blog
Cost: Well it's up to you...


  1. Danielle - Uncultured Project. Love the message - one meaningful difference at a time.

  2. Alicia - I'm voting for the Uncultured Project as well.

  3. Erinn, cows are cool! Sam did a HUGE donation project to his family this year.

    Personnally I donate to Eye Bank of Maryland. http://tbionline.org

    I do read your blog! Carol

  4. Hi Erinn,
    I love reading your blog! Congrats on the recent news story, I hope you realize how many people you are impacting! You should write a book! keep it up! :)

  5. It is so great that you are taking the time out to think of others. Sharing your good deeds with others inspires helps people tap into their own inner goodness! Keep it up!!

  6. I vote for The Uncultured Project. It seems like a seriously awesome undertaking...and those kind of things can definitely use all the help they can get.

    Every year, for Christmas, my friend Melissa and I choose a charity and donate in each other's names. This year was the Alzheimer's Association, in my grandfathers' names. Last year was Komen. I also donated earlier in the year to the Dana Farber Institute, in the name of my college mentor who passed away from prostate cancer four years ago.

    I'm so proud of you and how this blog has taken off! It's phenomenal!

  7. Uncultured Project :o)
    Thanks for this blog, Erinn. I think it has been an inspiration for a lot of people--including myself. Not sure what I'm going to do when the month is over and there are no more posts :( I may just have to be nice to people. haha

  8. Charity water.
    I've recently caught on to your blog, and I saw you today on Let's Talk Live!
    Great job!

  9. Uncultured Project

    I have loved reading your blog every day. You have really been an inspiration to so many people. I find myself more often trying to do a good deed whenever I get the opportunity.

    I have donated this year to the Komen, Race for the Cure.