Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day 27 Coupons galore

Coupons galore

done on 12-23

My number 1 cheerleader and idea giver, Cindy, texted me, "Since we have no school, you wanna get breakfast."
I texted back, "Since we're getting breakfast, you wanna help me do my nice thing?"

We meet for bagels, chatted, drank our coffee/iced tea and headed off to Harris Teeter.

We placed coupons on top of the items all around the store. $1.00 off soap. $.50 off of crackers and so on.

This was Cindy's idea back in November.
Maybe people would be excited to see a coupon for a product they were already going to buy. It was a like a very tiny gift, sprinkled all over the store.

No one asked us to stop or even what we were doing. According to Cindy we got some odd glances here and there, but I didn't see it.
I would like to think if someone was about to buy toliet paper and they saw a coupon sitting there they would be, like, "Score!" In my head they are also doing a happy dance. It's a delightful dance. You should see it sometime.

We did bump into a former student of mine, who I passed on the last stack of coupons and told him to spread them around the store. This was after I insulted him but not remembering his name.

Would I do it again: yes but I would change a few things. Cindy and I had ZERO plan of attack. Harris Teeter is not a store we shop at, we didn't organize the coupons at all and we were holding our drinks, which only gave us one hand.

If I would do it again, I would change all of that. Also I wanted to point out that all of Cindy's coupons were placed with care and love, strategically placed were someone would see them. Mine were slapped on top of the product.

Time: 30 minutes--- mostly due to the disorganization but once we got into our grove it was fun.
Effort: we had like a million coupons... or like seventy, yes it was a lot of work. But it was nice to have help with it.

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