Thursday, February 18, 2010


The Do Good Crew came up with a list of charities we like.

World Charities

Local homeless shelters

Children Charities Make a Wish <--- Do Good Crew Danielle said, "my cousin who is severely disabled. I also do a fundraising walk every June for Children's Hospital Boston (which is part of the Children's Miracle Network and where my cousin is treated). They're not cool little start-ups or anything, but they're the ones that mean the most to my family"

Animal Charities

Other Charities

Safeway will also round up the the nearest dollar and donate it to Hati

Thanks to the Do Good Crew for coming up with the list (in no order what-so-ever)
Susan, Andrea, Kathy, Mary, Dawn, Bev, Diane, Danielle, Lori, Stacy, Meghan, M, and Cindy and Jim.

Big News: We have FOUR people of the Do Good Crew who have completed and e-mailed me their deeds!
YAY Linda, Jim, Debbie and Susan!!!
Linda's can be found here on her website!

Great work guys!


  1. Just for the record, Make a Wish sent my cousin (and his parents and siblings) to Disney World a few years ago. It's a great orginization. =-)

  2. Someone I follow on Twitter just posted a link to a list of charitable organizations started by children. Some of these are really great and worth a look.