Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 47 Delivered Magazines to the Emergency room

Donated Magazines to the Emergency room.

You know when you're at the doctor's office and all the magazines there are five years old and hold zero interest to you? Yeah I hate that. I've long given up on waiting rooms to provide me with entertainment. Thank you Steve Job's and your amazing invention the i-Pod.

Do you know what's worse? Waiting in the Emergency room. No one is ever there for a good or fun reason.

When I was going to Borders to place happy notes in books, I bought a bunch of magazines.
When I got home I went through some more I had lying around, cut off my address and stuck them in a bag.

I drove to Howard County General Hospital where I delivered my daughter and dropped them off.

There were a few Scientific America, an Everyday with Rachel Ray, Motor Trend, Entertainment Weekly, and a Self.

When I walked into the waiting room there was no one waiting (Note to readers: if you get hurt the best time is a Monday @ 8am. Please plan your injuries accordingly) but there was also no magazines.

This might be because of Flu season.

I walked over to the receptionist who was on the phone. She put the call on hold, "How can I help you."
"I have these magazines I'd like to donate."
"Great, you can give them to me. Thanks."
I handed them to her and that was it.

All in all a pretty underwhelming experience but I hope it makes someone's day a little brighter.

Would I do it again? Sure, it was easy and I hope it helped someone.
Cost: $10 for magazines
Effort: Not too much
Time: 1 minute to cut off my address, 10 minutes picking out magazines, 5 minute drive to the hospital.

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  1. Great idea! The ER is such a miserable place . . . especially when you're stuck waiting for hours on end before they can finally see you (been there done that).