Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 42- bought flowers for the doctor's office

Bought flowers for the my daughter's doctor's office.

My daughter has been sick since November. She's had pretty constant ear infections. Every two weeks I'm back at the doctor's office. It's been a good time. You know, in a way that's not good at all, but boring and stressful.

Do you have any idea what its like to be in a doctor's office with a two year old who likes to play hide and seek? She also thinks it's hilarious to run out of the little rooms and run around out the nurses station, while her mother runs after her yelling. Yep, I always feel like parent of the year when I'm there.

Anyway she had a follow up appointment on Tuesday @ 5:45. Well, blizzard # 3 was supposed to hit at that time. I was getting worried about getting her to the office. Just as I was about to call them on Monday night to see if I could get an earlier appointment-- magically the phone rang. It was the doctor's office asking if I could come in at 8:30 in the morning.

I did a happy dance.

When we got there, by the time my daughter ran off and I got her back, and paid for the co-pay, we were called back to see the doctor.

Yep another ear infection.

Normally the pace at the office is nice, slow and efficient. Today it was lightening fast. They were trying to see every patient who had an appointment, plus the people from Monday who couldn't get to the office because the road in front of the office hadn't been plowed. And they were shutting down the office by two, so everyone could get home before the snow.

As I was dropping off my daughters prescription, there was s florist open. I walked in and bought a cute plant for the office.

I drove back to the doctor's office a few hours later and gave them the plant.

The nurse at the front desk smiled at me and thanked me.
I said, 'I wanted to thank you guys for seeing my daughter. I know you guys are really busy."
I was going to buy them coffee but since they are a doctor's office I didn't know what the food policy was, and there are all sorts of No Eating signs all over walls.
The nurse called over to the other nurses, "Look, Mrs. Manack bought us flowers." I was impressed she knew my name-- but I guess I am there a lot.
I laughed, "I hope it survives the snow storm."
"We've got a lot of people in the office with green thumbs."
YAY! I kill plants-- as I stated in earlier postings--- I'm always impressed when people can keep plants alive.
I thanked them again and I walked out to return home before the snow-- take three.

Would I do it again--Sure, who doesn't like plants.
Cost: $13.50 for the plant-- although I did think it was over priced, but I wasn't about go to the grocery store an hour before a blizzard. The extra money was worth it.
Effort: I did have to drive back to the doctor's office-- and I had to make sure I didn't kill the plant.
Time: 30 minutes total. The doctor's office is about 15 minutes away from my house and the time to pick up a plant.

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