Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 33- Make the Bathroom Nicer

Make the Woman's bathroom at work slightly nicer.

OK I don't like using public bathrooms. I really don't like using the bathrooms at school/work because I have a deep rooted fear of being locked in the bathroom, on a Friday night, and being trapped in there over the weekend. Sadly, that is the truth, I don't know where it comes from and I know it's weird but everyone has his or her own hang ups.

Anyway, as a teacher I have trained my body to only go at certain times of the day. Teachers do not have the freedom to leave a classroom whenever nature calls.

The bathroom is functional and recently upgraded from one stall to two. However there is room for improvement.

I placed a basket of pretty soaps, body spray, trial size perfumes and hand lotions. All of these were gifts given to me and I have no use for them. Many times there have a phantom kind co-work who has left hand lotion and body stray in the bathroom. I don't know who is doing it, but I want to carry on the tradition.

I haven't heard anything- but I did see someone using the hand lotion. I liked to think my co-workers are saying, 'Hey look, stuff to make me smell pretty and a tide pen, and a fancy soap dish... how pretty. That just made my day.'

Would I do it again? Sure if I have more body spray hanging round my house
Cost: None
Effort: I had to carry it into school and hoped that nothing broke
Time: 30 seconds

PS- To the Male Co-workers- I didn't make your bathroom look prettier because I did not want a lawsuit for sexual harassment for entering the men's room. Nor do I want to lawsuit for discrimination for NOT making your room look prettier. If you are concerned about the lack of prettiness in your bathroom, please let me know and I will buy you some pretty soap. But it's not the kind of soap you use, it's the kind that looks and smells nice but is never to be used, not even if you are a guest.

Well, that was a fun one.

To the other Project Nice doers-- um first off... you guys need a name... so pick a name. Something cool but fits in with the theme of being nice, but nothing lame.
Your new Mission--- besides being nice, pick out a cool code name for yourself.

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