Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 59- Helped a college student

Helped a College student

People seem to think because I write and I"m a teacher I know something about the English language. Of course anyone who has read this blog knows otherwise.

Still people ask me for help and I'm more than willing to help out. Especially if I like them.

This morning as I was dropping my daughter off at daycare, my daycare provider's son approached me. He's in college and he found out about a scholarship oppertunity the night before. The deadline was in three days. He asked me if I could read his paper and give him feedback.

"No problem."

When I got into work- before I pulled out my laptop I sat down and read his paper. It had a lot of strong points. I made a few suggestions and wrote them out. I work with his dad and I gave him the paper. I hate my handwriting and my spelling is awful (in case you couldn't tell by now) so I went over it with his dad.
His dad seemed very grateful for my help. I suggested he give it to another teacher to read since I"m not an expert.

Would I do it again: Sure.
Cost: Nothing
Effort: Lots of brain power early in the morning but besides that nothing overwhelming.
Time: 10 minutes

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