Friday, February 26, 2010

day 57-Took a picture

Took a Picture.

Yep the title sounds lame, I'm aware of the situation, but that's what happened.

This one my Hubby pointed out to me.

As a family we were walking around the Aundrel Mills Mall after dinner. My daughter wanted to see "the animals." The animals translates into the fish tank at Bass Pro Shop. Besides Ocean City, and the fine city of Baltimore Aundrel Mills is one the top tourist destinations for the state of Maryland. The Bass Pro Shop is one of the key attractions. Their fish tank is a big attraction for the shop.

Yep, people love this fish tank.

Me, I couldn't care less. Yes the fish are big. Very big. My two year old LOVES them.

The fish tank had about three families there.


While my daughter was looking at the fish, pointing to each one and commenting on them, my husband noticed a couple. They were a young couple early twenties with a very little baby. The baby was probably about six weeks old.
I remember when my daughter was six weeks old, I was paraniod about everything and constantly wanted to take pictures of her.
The family was struggling trying to take a picture of the fish in the tank and the baby (the baby was clearly outside of the tank in his mothers arms---I just wanted to be clear on that)
My hubby pointed at them, "Hey, Erinn, you could do something for Project Nice and go help them take a picture."
I'll be honest, I had no idea they were there. I was in my own little world completely unaware of the world around me.

I walked over to them and said, "Hi, would you like to me to take a picture of you with your baby."
They pointed to the fish, "We're trying to get the big fish in the back to come up here so we can take a picture of it."
Sigh... it's an animal, it's not going to come to your beck and call. In fact, if you bang on the tank, it's going to stay in the back of the tank.
I smiled and said, "Well there's not too much I'm going to be able to do about that, but I can take a picture of you and your family."

I think they really wanted a picture of the fish but they were willing to take a picture with their 6 week old baby.
I took their picture- a fish swam into the shot so that made them happy.
They thanked me and I walked away.

Would I do it again: Sure,
Cost: Nothing
Effort: Taking the picture
Time: 30 seconds

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