Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 39 Gave coffee to snow plow guy

Gave coffee to snow ploy Guy.

Winter of 2009-2010 in Maryland is been crazy. There's been a lot of snow. A whole lot of snow. Friday, Feburary 5, there was an inch of snow at 5 pm by 7 am Saturday morning there was 30 inches. The snow drifts in front of my deck door as was high as my 2 year old daughter.

You know who's been working very hard this winter... the snow plow guys. Howard County has an amazing crew. They salt and treat the roads, they are constantly coming by and making sure the streets are safe. Not once this year have I felt unsafe driving down the roads. I don't live in a fancy neighborhood, with million dollar houses where I'd assume the roads would be plowed to prefection. I live on a hill, a fraking steep hill and the plows take better care of our roads then the large single family homes in Columbia.

Anyway at 8 pm my dog had to go out. While he was going, the snow plow can come down our street.

I ran inside, grabbed a metal coffee cup, popped a k-cup in my keurig coffee maker and poof 30 seconds later a piping hot cup of coffee. (this isn't a shameless promotion for the keurig coffee maker, but I'm pretty sure it's the best invention since the internet.)
I bundled up in my fancy new winter coat and started to walk down the street, coffee in hand. The snow and wind were blowing, I had forgotten a hat. I walked down to the end of the street where the snow plow was and handed him the coffee.

He was younger then me, probably in his early 20's.
"Hi, I was wondering how you take your coffee." I said as I handed him the cup.
"Um milk and sugar."
"Great, I'll run back to my house and get you some. I think you will be in for a LONG night and you're going to need it."
"Thank you so much.'
So I ran down my street, in the snow, wind and sleet. I didn't want to hold him up because I'm sure he had a schedule he had to keep up.
I ran inside, grabbed a plastic cup, poured milk and some sugar in it and ran out.
The plow was in front of my house.
We chatted for a few minutes mostly about the cars still parked on the street. He said he felt bad plowing them in, but he really likes to make sure the streets are clear for us because we live on this hill.
I told him that I'd help people dig their cars out. And I will... there's one girl who has to park on the street and I always feel bad for her during the snow storms. However the other three cars belong to people who have three car driveways and simple chose NOT to park in their driveways. I'm not in a rush to help those guys. They make my life diffucult every time I try to pull out of my driveway.
I thanked him for all his hard work and I hoped he makes a lot of extra money doing this. He sighed and said, "it's just going to suck in the summer, because they're not going to have money for us then."
I told him I was very sorry about that. Another nice dose of reality.

Would I do it again: Yep, when he comes by again I will give him another cup of coffee and some food.
Cost: A metal coffee cup that I hated.
Effort: This was a little bit more effort then normal because I got cold and wet, neither are things I enjoy.
Time: about 5 minutes with all the prep, talking, running, getting the milk and sugar and the talking.

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