Saturday, February 6, 2010

Update on thank an artist!!!

So as you know I thanked an artist...

I wrote a very cool band called Socratic a thank you letter:

I wanted to thank you for making such amazing music. Yes that made me sound like a 14-year old boy and I'm sorry about that. Every time I listen to Spread the Rumors it makes me smile and puts me in a great mood.

A few days ago you posted in Twitter and on facebook that you were rehearsing for a new album. I sent you a quick little comment. Then you responded back and thanked me personally.
So this got me thinking about how important it is to thank artists.
I am doing this blog called Project Nice where I do nice thing for strangers or people. Everyday it's something new.
You guys inspired me to write one about thanking artists, writers, bands, whoever.
So I just wanted to thank you. If you wanted to check it out, that blog will go live on 2-3-10.
Oh and a super quick question,
As an fan, I want the most of my money going to the band as possible. I know you guys don't make a ton of money off of your CDs, but where do you guys make the most money? If I bought a physical CD or if I bought the CD off of i-tunes? I-tunes is cheaper but does that mean YOU guys make less money?
I just want to make sure I'm doing my part as a fan.
Thank you again and have a great weekend.

Today they responded back:
hey erinn. thanks so much for the kind words. It is always nice to hear those things.
Either buying the cd at a store or on i tunes would help us out the most. So our label can see people are still buying. Also, if anyone else you know wants to buy it you can tell them the same thing. Good luck with your blog and hopefully I'll talk to you soon!!!!

Some FYI about the band...
They are on Drive Thru records, a pretty amazing company who once had New Found Glory on their label, Dashboard Confessional, Hellogoodbye, Ace Enders, The Early November and Something Corporate. (This label has basically all my favorites before they were huge and I discovered them) The owners of the company LOVE music, they were the fans hanging outside of the stage doors hoping to see their idols. As further evidence that there's not as much as money in music as you think, the owners of Drive Thru records admitted during an Alternative Press podcast that he was on food stamps.
Anyway Socratic's record was produced by Mark Hoppus of Blink 182 fame.

Something cool happened to me today... besides getting 38 inches of snow dumped on my front lawn.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. I thanked an artist (The Gabe Dixon Band) today :o) Even if they don't respond to me, I hope my note gave them the same feeling that their music gives me every time I hear one of their songs.

  2. Update :o) Today I received a personal response from Gabe Dixon himself! yay