Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 45- Donuts for Great Guys

Happy Valentine's Day.

In case anyone was wondering--- I bought my husband a card, but I will probably forget to give it to him, like I did with his Christmas and birthday card. I'm pretty sure I forgot our anniversary as well.

Back to the event-
Not many people can say they have the best and nicest automatics in the world-- but I do. They are incredible. I've never had to wait for an appointment, they're literally one street away from my house. They have a Keurig coffee maker. And I've never once felt like they've tried to take advantage of me.

Yesterday while I was digging out my car I saw I had ANOTHER nail in my tire. If you are really interest in reading what happened to me a few months ago, it's all on my other blog.

I called them at 7:30 in the morning and asked if they could patch the tire. They said sure, come on by. They also said if it was serious they would send me over to another place that was two miles down the road because they would rather the hole get patched from the inside because that would probably be safer.
He was about to turn down business and send it to someone else. He is made out of awesome.

I said I'd rather they patch it.

So I packed up my kid, and a half an hour later I was sitting in their waiting room.

Five minutes- I was there five minutes. It was a screw in my tire and they used a screwdriver to get it out. It wasn't deep enough to do any damage but they filled it up anyway.

No charge.

I thanked them drove up to Dunkin Donuts and bought a box of donuts.

I drove back to the shop, walked in and handed them the box. They thanked me by name.
"Thanks Erinn, they guys in the back will love these."

Win- win for everyone!

I love Foreign Auto in Elkridge MD. They are the reason I bought another foreign car.

Would I do it again; Of course these guys are excellent- its a family run business and there aren't too many of them left anyone.
Cost: 6.99
Effort: I did have to go slightly out of my way but I did buy myself breakfast in the process.
Time: 5 minutes.

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