Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 40-Took a phone survey

Took a phone survey.

All I know about politics I learned from watching The West Wing. Translation, I don't know a whole lot.

I know politicians need surveys to help make decisions or at the very least to know what to say to people to help win their vote.

Remember when I was worried I wasn't going to be able to do anything nice while I was trapped in my house? Yeah. Well sometimes life gives you little chances to be nice.

While my daughter was watching Go Diego Go, the phone rang. I answered it and was asked to do a survey for local politicians.


I'm not great at surveys and a few years ago I did one and the harassment hasn't stopped since.
"I'll do it as long as you never call again and you take me off of whatever list you have. Deal?" But i said it much nicer then how it's written.
He laughed, "Deal."
Six minutes later I hung up the phone.

I'm not sharing the details because let's face it, it's as boring to read and it would be as boring to write.

The surveyor was pleasant enough. I didn't know all the answers and I felt sort of dumb at times. But at least my voice was heard and its one less survey he needed to do.

Would I do it again: I hate these things... I would go with my first no of the experiance. But will it happened again, Yes. Will I be as willing to help again, probably not.
Cost: Nothing
Effort: more then I would like to admit... it was a lot of thinking at 8 pm, my hair was still wet and I was cold from my nice deed of giving the snow plow guy coffee.
Time: 6 minutes

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