Wednesday, February 17, 2010

day 48- Bought coffee for strangers

Bought coffee for strangers.

Last time around when I bought coffee at Dunkin Donuts for strangers I had someone bow to me. Pretty cool. I wanted to repeat the experiance.

After dropping off the magazines I drove to a different Dunkin Donuts than the one I went to last time. It was a Ghost Town. There was only one other person in there. She was older then I am. She ordered a coffee. I stepped up and said, "Let me pay for that, I'm doing this thing called Project Nice and today I'd like to buy your coffee."
She blinked- disbelieving. "Are you sure?"
I stepped forward and handed over my debit card, "Yep."
"Well I hope something nice happens to you today."
I placed my order for breakfast and while I was doing that a father and his two sons came in. I told the cashier, that I would buy his stuff too."

There was a big debate between the father and the sons about which donuts they wanted and if they were going to get strawberry milk or chocolate. After the father ordered I stepped in and said, "Can I pay for that, I'm doing this thing today where I'm buying people's coffee."
Now the father had already ordered his breakfast, his coffee, two donuts for his sons and a strawberry milk. Clearly it was more then a coffee.
"Oh I don't know."
I had already handed over my card to the cashier while he was thinking about it, she swiped my card.
"how about this," I said, "why don't you pay for someone else's breakfast."
"I'll do that. Thank you."
As we were talking another family walked in. Perfect.
I walked out with my breakfast and coffee in hand and a good deed was pasted on.

This gives me the idea for PROJECT SUPER NICE... more to come on this later.

Would I do it again: Yep. PROJECT SUPER NICE
Cost: $16.00 between my breakfast, the woman's coffee and the breakfast for the family.
Effort: Mostly it was hard to explain the situation... sometimes I forget not everyone is doing Project Nice.
Time: 5 Minutes (the same amount of time I would have taken me to wait for my food.)

Personal note: I'm starting to hit a wall. This is around the same time in December when I started to hit the wall. This time around I'm not as motivated, maybe it's the 10 days of snow, but I need some cheerleaders.


  1. Erinn.... If I flushed toilets to be nice to people you can make it through the month... Seriously, there was some nasty stuff in there...

    I read your blog every day... don't stop now!! (although that much snow does seriously suck especially since you will be going to school til July.) I finished my last nice deed today, maybe I will be an over achiever and do 8 of them!


  2. I read your blog every day too! :o)
    I love reading the reactions. It blows me away that people are so surprised when other strangers are nice for no reason in particular. It should be inherent that people are nice to each other, but sadly it isn't. You inspire me to make an effort to do nice things for others even when people are so often rude and inconsiderate.

  3. Thank you so much for your comments-- it makes this a lot easier knowing that someone is reading it and commenting. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you