Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 55 Walked a neighbor's dog

Walked a Neighbor's Dog

Remember when I helped a neighbor rescue her dog? While I was walking my dog on Thursday night I ran into her. I asked her how the pregnancy was going. She said it was going well. Our dogs started to pull. I asked her, "Do you mind if I walk your dog sometime. Maybe this weekend?"

"YES! Please do." she cried as the dog pulled her along. She knew all about Project Nice, so I didn't have to explain it to her.

I bundled up, and trekked down the street to her house. I rang the doorbell and waited awkwardly outside, the dog was barking. My neighbor had been sleeping and I woke her up. She opened the door, grabbed his leash and handed me the dog. "Thank you so much."
Charlie (the dog) and I walked around the neighborhood for about a half hour.
He didn't pull me once. It was a perfect experience. I wished my own dog was that good.

When we got back to his home, my neighbor invited me in. We chatted for a few minutes. She stated she was exhausted and the pregnancy has really made her tired. I completely understood.
She was very grateful that she had one less thing she needed to do and her dog was taken care of.

When I got home my dog got jealous and I walked him too.

Would I do it again: Yes I completely understand how hard it can be to be pregnant. Just wait until the baby comes... I didn't have the heart to tell her, she has no idea what tired is.
Cost: None
Effort: I walked- that's about it.
Time: an hour- 30 minutes to walk Charlie, 15 minutes to talk to her and 15 minutes to walk my own dog.

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