Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 61 Paid for someone to wash their car

Paid for someone's car wash

Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to Erinn so please don't sue me for breach of copyright infringement since this song is copyrighted....

Yep, today is my birthday. And I know what you are thinking... what can I get Erinn for her 31st birthday? Well how about Project SUPER Nice. (more to follow on this)

So as you know by now-- it's snowed and the roads are covered in salt. Back when I was coming up with the list of good deeds I wanted to do this one. Pay for someone to wash their car.

But there had to be under the right conditions.
1) It had to be over 32 degrees. --- you know because water freezes and all
2) It had to between snow storms.

I made a little baggy filled with $1.50 in quarters with a note that said "Have a free car wash or at least rising the salt off your car" <--- By the way did you catch the spelling mistake? I didn't until my hubby pointed it out. I had to edit it and reprint it out again and I still screwed it up. It's times like that it really sucks having a learning disability.

I drove to the carwash near my house. This car wash had two different kinds an automated and self serve. The self serve is basically a concrete room with a hose that shoots out water and soap for 5 minutes.

I drove into an empty one and nearly had a heart attack. $3.00 seriously? For water and soap? I had to redivide up my bags of quarters. I taped on of the bags up and guess what--- someone else had already left quarters. How awesome is that?

Then I walked over to two people who were waiting for a car wash to open up. The first car was a family and I asked them to roll down their window. I asked them if they would like a fee carwash and inside the bag was enough quarters to pay for it. They took it but seemed like they would like me to get very far away from their car.

I walked up to another car and there was a girl drive and a guy in the passenger seat. I asked them if they would like a free car wash. She paused for a second as I handed her the bag. Then it clicked exactly what was happening and she smiled. It was pretty awesome. Because it's been a while since I've been able to see that my actions made someone's day.

Would I do it again: Sure, the doing part was easy... the prep wasn't but that was operator error.
Cost: $9.00
Effort: Printing and reprinting and cutting the paper and putting it in zip lock baggies and remembering tape...
Time: 10 minutes total.

I'm sure you're thinking it, Erinn did you wash your car while you were there.
No. No way. It was cold, it was windy and there's water everywhere. That's the trinity of crappiness for me.
Nope my car will stay like a salt lick for deers until the rain washes it off. It's a good thing I got it winterized.

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