Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 63 Spread the Joy.

Day 63 Spread the Joy

I thought I would take it easy one day: What do you think?

Event: Share cool websites that make me happy.

I had the idea for Project Super Nice three months ago, but I'm just now getting around to it. But what's really cool is that other people are being nice.

I keep hearing all these stories of random acts of kindness.

1) My student's family had their meal paid for by a total stranger
2) My daycare provider told me about a woman who had the meal in front of her paid for and she paid for the person behind her.
3) I went to Chick- fil-A (Not a shocker--- I'm there three times a week) and I asked if it would be a problem if I did Project Super Nice, they said it was be fine, it happened last week. (Probably the woman in number 2)
4) My student while he was in Disney world gave away his FAST PASS to stranger.
5) A DO Good Crew member had a friend who was at the Movie Theater on Valentine's day and the person in front of them paid for their tickets.

All I have to say is AWESOME.

Humanity, you rock.

There are a lot cool websites out there. Things that make me happy just watching them or seeing them.

Tickling Slow Lois <-- that's an animal btw not a person.

Nom nom nom <--- its my daughter's favorite

Duet with myself<-- This is the single greatest video I've ever seen! And I love the message too. Subscribe to his channel Charlieissocoollike

John Green discusses Fatherhood

A whole lot of Running by chameleon circuit the BEST BAND ABOUT DOCTOR WHO.. (also by Charlieissocoollike) <-- very cool art every day there is something new and it's constantly blowing my mind
Nerdfighters 'nuff said. <-- Hayley Williams of paramore is the MOST entertaining musician on twitter. I check twitter every day just to read her comments. <--- Most entertaining writer on Twitter. Shameless promotion of My friends and the Do Good Crew: Do Good Crew's Blogs: Mo
Two twins are going green and blogging all about it!!!
Alica's Blog-

this is a blog of a character written by Meghan of the Do Good Crew

Um, I know this stuff makes me smile. You tell me.

Would I do it again: YEP! I love shameless promoting the things I love or like or are kinda of in to.
COst; nothing as long as I don't get sued.
Effort: Cutting and pasting
Time: 30 minutes

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