Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 64 Wrote a letter to an injuried nerdfighter

By now you've heard me mention nerdfighters alot. It's not easy being a nerd in a cool world. Sure we think we're pretty cool, but the rest of the known world is quick to point and laugh at us. For a long time we didn't have a community, a home of our own. Then for the select few nerds who wanted to make the world a better place... an awesome place, a community was founded.
Nerdfighters were born.

A ning was created... and a social networking sight gave nerdfighters a home to talk to one another. To chat about the awesomeness of Doctor Who, to feel like you were part of something.

The ning is run by several ningmasters. Tom is one of them.

He was in an accident at the end of February.

If you watch the clip it will explain more about it.

I wrote an e-mail to Tom and his family. True I've never met Tom. I've never chatted with him on line. All I ever knew about him was that he was one of the Ning Masters.
Thing is the Nerdfighters have been a HUGE part of Project Nice. Percentage wise they take up most of the pie.

One of the nerdfighters needed help. So I stepped up, in a very small way.

Tom's family has been reading the e-mails he's been getting to him while he was in his coma.

As of a few days ago, Tom woke up.

I would never expect an e-mail back. Ever. His family posted a message to the nerdfighters a few days ago. You can read it here.

Would I do it again: yes. yes. yes.
Cost: nothing
Effort: Not much
Time 10 minutes to write the e-mail


I could have ended today but I'm very ocd about the number 5 and I wanted to end on 5. 65 days sounds so much better then 64 days.

TODAY is project SUPER nice. Info to follow tomorrow!

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