Thursday, March 11, 2010

Linda Day 5

TITLE: Mailed a package 02-25-10

Date: Feb 25, 2010

I actually did this a couple weeks ago but didn’t want to write the post yet, in case my package flew into outer space and I would have failed to be nice to anybody from that.

Last year I attended a convention, hoping for a better experience after my previous horrible one back when I was twelve (that story is for another day though). Turns out I had a great time. I don’t remember buying anything for myself in the dealer’s room, but I did try to buy things for friends who don’t live around here. Problem is that I procrastinated too long in actually shipping the stuff…

I don’t know how I brought myself to finally ship one of the boxes, but I think it’s because some holidays were coming up. So in addition to what I got at the convention, I threw in some red packet, tea, and homemade stuff (birthday card, valentines). It’s nothing big but I hope the thought counts.

They thanked me online after they received it. When I said it was nothing, they said it looked like it took a lot of effort. Well that’s embarrassing, because admittedly I did put effort into this small thing; finding the right sized box, writing up notes, printing out labels and images. It’s not to complain though. I do it with love.

Would I do it again? Yes but it may take me another 39 weeks.

Cost: 6 dollars shipping
more than I wish.

Time: 30 minutes to organize and pack, 20 minutes at the post office. I’d rather not count the time it took me to gather and make the stuff.

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