Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 65- Project SUPER Nice

Day 65- Project Super Nice.

So I'm sort of crazy about the number five. I'm bad at math and I like numbers that are divsiable by the number 5 because they are easy. I couldn't end Project Nice 2.0 on day 64... it didn't feel right. I HAD to do ONE more day.

Hence Project SUPER Nice.

I had this idea month ago. In fact it was my first good deed. I wanted to pay for the car behind me and start a chain of people buying food.
There's plenty of examples of this and recently this has been springing up all of Howard county.
I posted the idea a few days ago. I would pay for the food for person behind me in the drive thru. I cut out little cards for the cashier to give to the person who I just paid for, asking them if they would buy the food for the person behind them.

I've been e-mailing the Do Good Crew about this. I've been updating the blog. And you would think I would be better prepared.

I left during lunch, I signed out of school and I was about to walk out when I remember I forgot to print out the cards. Crap. I ran back in school. Printed it out and cut them out while I was waiting in the drive thru.
Way to be prepared.
I bought my chicken sandwich and I pulled up to the cashier and asked to buy the food of the woman behind me and I asked if the cashier if she would give the woman the card. She didn't seem very impressed.
"Um ok."
I said, "I don't have very high hopes but it would be nice."
She smiled.
All the cashiers and workers were watching me and seemed interested in what I was doing.

I called back 30 minutes later. The girl who answered the phone had been in the window when I was there earlier. "Hi, I was there about 30 minutes ago, I paid for the person behind me."
"Yes I remember."
"I was wondering how many people paid for someone elses meal."
" Well we got pretty busy, but it was three people."
AWESOME! 3 people, that was WAY better then I predicted.

Would I do it again: Sure if I was going to do my own Project nice again.
Cost: My meal was $7.30 the woman behind me was $3.50 Total: $10.80
Effort: Not too much-emailing and explaining was more.
Time: 10 minutes

I will be updating the blog with other people's experiance.

Linda will be starting tomorrow! Linda is a Nerdfighter and the very first to get her good deeds done! And she included pictures. I hope you enjoy!

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