Saturday, March 13, 2010

Linda Day 7

TITLE: Helped mom with pastry making 02-26-10

Date: Feb 26, 2010

I can be pretty lazy around the home when I get caught up in school work or other activities. The most I do are dishes, laundry, and garbage. I forget about all the other responsibilities (like making food) that only my mom takes care of on her two or three days off each week.

After doing dishes I saw mom at the table making something. I believe it was a dessert for her friends and my aunt. There were tart cups, a tin of red bean paste, and a big bowl of tiny white grains. It looked like rice except it was round and lighter, and when you steam it, it becomes clear and sticky like jello. (does anyone know what I’m talking about?) I had no idea what these were called or how to make them at first, but after a few minutes of her teaching me, I started to work on them too. We made about fifty or sixty. They look pretty cute in my opinion.

I think she felt bad at first and kept saying I could go back and do my school work. But in the end she also kept saying how much faster she finished with my help.

Would I do it again? Sure. I liked making stuff with my mom when I was a kid.

Cost: nothing
Learning how to make them wasn’t that hard.

Time: 40 minutes, not including the steaming.

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