Sunday, March 28, 2010

Debbie Day 8- bonus day

I was in a building and saw an elderly gentlemen sitting in a wheel chair. On the back of the chair was a flap which stated "Proud to be a Veteran". I walked around to the front of the chair and asked the man if I could shake his hand, I wished to thank him for serving our Country. I than asked him where he had served. He told me that he had been an infantryman and was in the Battle of the Bulge. I shared a story of my Dad being in Patton's 4Th armored at the battle as well.
The man was quite shocked when I thanked him, both of us were moved to tears. It was a beautiful moment.

Would I do it again:
Absolutely. When I travel and see our soldiers in different airports I often walk up to them and extend my hand. I thank them for serving our country. I am always moved with the gratitude they give me back.

please note I am not trying to make myself look like a saint. I am just so appreciative to our military present and past for all they do on our behalf. We
are so blessed that we have a free country

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