Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Info on Project SUPER Nice

Here's the idea. We start a chain of people buying food for each other.

There are two options, the drive thru and the quick food restaurant.

Prep a head of time:
Pick a location and get the phone number.
You will need money and a mode of transportation.

Cut and paste the cards at the end of the blog

Drive Thru (this is the easiest)
Drive to a restaurant with a drive thru during a pretty busy time, lunch and dinner would be best.
Drive to the little speaker and order your food, or just a drink, whatever.
Drive up to the pay window.
After you pay for your food say, "I would like to pay for the car behind me. Could you give them this card?" Read the card to the cashier.
It reads: "Hello, the car in front of you has just paid for your meal. Would you like to pass the good deed on and pay for the car behind you?"
Give the cashier a stack of the cards and ask them to pass it out to everyone who had a free meal.

Tell the cashier that you will be calling the restaurant in 15 minutes to see how long the chain lasted.

Take your food and go on your way.

Call back in 15 minutes.

Keep calling until the chain stops.

E-mail me the about your experience.

Benefits to the drive thru---
far less social interaction. You will be only speaking to the cashier.
The person behind you will not know it's happening so it will be a surprise and if they continue the chain, its because they want to, not because of social obligation.
You will not get turned down.

you will not see the persons reaction.
You will have to call back.
It might get expensive.

A quick food restaurant like Panera, a coffee shop, Baja Fresh, 5 guys, those sort of places.

Buy your food and hope someone else comes up behind you.
Tell the cashier you will buy the food for the person behind you.
You will have to hang around until the person behind you orders so you can pay for it. This could get awkward.
You will have to explain to the about Project Super Nice and hand them a card. Give the rest of the cards to the cashier to hand out to the people in the chain.
You can sit down an wait for your food and watch the chain for yourself.

You will see the person's reaction.
You can watch everything from your seat and watch people's reactions. This is 900 shades of awesome.

Most likely you will be watching when the chain ends.
The person behind you might argue and not want your help.
It might get awkward hanging around while the other person orders their food.
People might feel forced to pay for something they can not afford since there will be witnesses.

E-mail me the about your experience.

As always e-mail me if you have any questions or concerns.

Hello, the car in front of you has just paid for your meal.

Would you like to pass the good deed on and pay for the car behind you?

You have just been a witness and a participant of Project Nice 2.0.

If you get a chance please check out the website:


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