Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 62- Hung out with friend who had back surgery

Day 62- Hung out with a friend who had back surgery

One of my good friends has been suffering with back pain for years. A few weeks ago she had major back surgery. Then she had some sort of an infection and then she got sick. I didn't rush out to visit her because she was sick and in pain. From my experiance, I would never want to see anyone when I was in pain or sick.

But she was getting bored. She sleeps most of the day, she never turns on the TV- this may or may not be because she wasn't sure how to operate the TV.

Cindy and I went out to Target and bought a whole bunch of feel better stuff.

We spent about an hour and half in Target... although a large chunk of time was staring at the DVDs commenting on which TV shows were good and how long we spent watching them.

Stage one was going to target and buying the stuff.
1) Carmel Popcorn
2) Rasinette
3) Smelly bath stuff.
4) A book--- light and fluffy and it was about math-- our friend is a math teacher.
5) Mind games, and logic puzzle books ( three of those)
6) Dog treats --- our friend bought a puppy about six weeks before the surgery. We figured the puppy needed to be entertained as well.

Then we picked a time to drive over there.

I arrived first. I asked my friend how was doing and what she was doing. She said "this." and pointed to the bed in her living room.
She then confessed she wasn't even watching TV because she didn't know when her shows came on.
My friend has a masters degree and is easily on of the smartest people I know. I wrote down the times and channels her shows were on.
"How do you know all this tech stuff." She asked me.
"Well, I did just spell channel wrong so I think there's a trade off in life." I laughed.
Cindy came in a few minutes later and we gave our friend the bag feel better goodies.
We hung out for a while, chatting and having fun.
I miss working with my friend.

Our friend seemed happy to see us, we laughed a lot and joked around with her husband as he tried to make tacos for dinner. It was one of these things were you had to be there, if I tried to explain it to you, you'd get bored and think I am a moron.

I know how grateful I was when my friends visited me when I was on maternity leave. So I can understand how she might feel.

Would I do it again?: Yep. Probably very soon.
Cost: $30 for my half of the feel better bag
effort: Picking stuff out for our friend was hard but fun. I was also rocking a pretty bad headache while I was over there, but really my headache was a minor pain compared to my friend's pain.
Time: 1.5 hours in target and 1.5 hours hanging out.

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