Monday, March 8, 2010

Linda Day 2

TITLE: Sent a birthday wish 02-07-10

Date: Feb 7, 2010

Explanation of the act:

I used to frequent a game forum dedicated to players of a French MMORPG (role playing game). Thanks to the awesome software of Invision Power boards, the forum always lists “Today’s Birthdays” on the bottom of the front page. There is your daily opportunity to be nice. On the other hand, I was not about to click every user profile and paste a birthday comment on each one, because I remember another user on the board had notoriously done that before.

But on the list, I noticed the name of a person I used to play with whom I haven’t talked to in a year or two. I was wondering what I could give them, since I don’t play the game anymore. I also noticed this (no longer enough helium) balloon laying on my floor that someone in my class had distributed as an art multiple. I was about to throw it away.

Event: I took that no-longer-enough-helium balloon and wrote a birthday wish on it. Sadly it wouldn’t fly itself all the way to the Netherlands, so the next best thing I could think of was taking a picture and sending that. It’s nothing big or creative, but it’s something.

Reactions: No response, but I know he received it and I know he always loves his birthdays.

Would I do it again? Yes

Cost: nothing
Effort: I tried to print neatly.

Time: about 8 minutes to write on the balloon, take the picture, upload it (my server was having trouble) and send it.

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