Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Linda Day 4

TITLE: Designed free graphics 02-12-10

Date: Feb 12, 2010

I aspire to be a great artist someday and use my creative skills in a future job relating to graphic design, web design, or illustration. Slowly, I have been working towards that goal and I even get a few commissions every now and then. Very rarely will I do requests for random strangers for free these days because 1) it can be time consuming 2) it’s easy to be taken advantage of; once one person notices a generous act, others will start bugging me 3) It would be wrong and untrue to say I’d make art only for money, because I make art either way. But if I had a choice between doing it free for strangers and doing it for financial security, I’d probably go for the latter. It’s not to sound selfish, especially considering the amount of freebies I’ve done in the past. But if it’s the only kind of work I have, I’ll need it to survive (speaking from a starving artist perspective).

I received a private message on Gaiaonline this week. Often on this site, people make mini shops and they like to customize their shop. It’s almost like making a mini website, and having an attractive layout will likely draw more attention.

The conversation went like a series of instant messages.

So they offered to pay me at first, but I decided not to accept it since I couldn’t guarantee that I would make anything on time. Five days later I managed to actually make some graphics and send them off.


Translation: “Aww (heart) Thank you (heart)”

I sincerely wasn’t expecting any kind of gratitude (in whatever way they choose to express online), so I’m just glad they’re happy with it.

Would I do it again? It really depends on my mood and the time I have.

Cost: Nothing
Effort: Not much. It’s harder when you have creator’s block.

Time: An hour to design, zip, upload and send.

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