Friday, March 19, 2010

Susan Day 6

TITLE: Made gifts for women in group

Date: Feb. 15, 2010

Explanation of the act: I am part of a group of women who share a common hobby. I don’t know any of them outside of our monthly meetings. Over the weekend I went to the hobby store and bought supplies to make inspirational bracelets for these women. I customized the colors and charms according to what I had seen them wear and what I knew about them. Our next meeting was the day after Valentine’s Day, so I wrapped up the bracelets with some chocolate-dipped mint oreos (which I hand dipped) as a belated Valentine’s gift for each.

Event: Gave hand-made jewelry to women in group.

Reactions: They were very excited about getting an unexpected present and all of them put their bracelets on immediately. One said her husband forgot Valentine’s Day, so this was the only Valentine gift she got. I got a thank you email from another the next day, after she had eaten one of the cookies.

Would I do it again? You bet – I think I had more fun making the gifts than they had getting them.

Cost: About $5 each ($20 total) for the bracelets

Time: Approx. 4 hours

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