Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Diane Day 2

TITLE: Return of the White Blouse

Date: February 1, 2010

Explanation of the Act: I am a big fan of dry cleaners. They do a wonderful job of pressing my clothes, which makes me look neat. One of my favorite outfit’s is pair of jeans with nice, crisp white blouse. In spite of what the fashion expert’s say, I send my white blouses to the dry cleaners.

Event: After returning from the dry cleaners today, I realized that the white blouse in my stack of clothes was not mine. A clothing company that has a reputation for producing high quality professional wear made the blouse. Translation: it was an expensive blouse. My blouse, however, was not purchased in such a store. Translation: my blouse was a lot cheaper in cost. I immediately returned to the dry cleaners with said blouse and explained that, while I appreciated the value of this particular blouse, it was not mine and I was pretty sure that the person who owned it would appreciate getting it back.

Reactions: The dry cleaning personnel were very happy to receive the blouse back. It made the job of tracking down the lost blouse when the owner finally realized it was missing, a lot easier. While I do not know when the owner claimed the article of clothing, I know, if it were I, I would be pretty happy.

Would I do it again? Yes

Cost: 0

Effort: Very little. Just a short drive in the car.

Time: 10 minutes

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