Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stacy Day 3

Make a child smile:

When trying to find inspiration for Project Nice, I came across a website, that I simply love. They feature three children at a time, but have a database of many terminally ill children. All they are asking is for you to simply send a card to one of the many children to make them smile. Who doesn’t love to get the good kind of mail, right? So I chose two of the kids that I personally sent cards to, and offered extra credit to my students to choose a child from the website and send a card to. We ended up sending out about 12 cards. This is something I will probably continually do periodically. Such a simple thing, sending someone a smile through the mail!

Reaction: Many of my students were inspired to do good deeds themselves, if that counts as a reaction… I won’t see the reaction of the intended recipient.

Cost/effort: about $3, and a few minutes

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