Monday, April 19, 2010

Stacy Day 1

When I volunteered for this project, I was excited. I wanted to do something nice for people just to do it. I mean, how often do you consciously do nice things for others? Not your everyday nice like opening doors and saying yes ma’am, but your A-game nice. I put a lot of thought into this project, and I wanted to focus my efforts on a particular group of people… not anyone I knew, but people I could relate to… moms and children. Moms have a tough job. That is not to say dads don’t, but a mom is always on, always juggling, from the moment that baby is born. So, here is my story of how I was nice to 7 random moms and children in the month of February.

Hospital Basket:

Background: When I had my oldest daughter Morgan, I found myself unexpectedly single. My husband had decided at some point during the course of my planned pregnancy (probably when he started his affair a month into it) that this was not the life he wanted. He told me 5 months later. Facing child birth (although he was physically in the hospital at times) and parenthood alone was scary. I am so thankful and proud of that experience, but it was definitely a leap of faith.

Good deed: I gathered up all the baby items that had been given to me when I recently had my youngest daughter but had never been used, plus some extras that I had around the house. These items included a baby picture frame, bottles, baby powder, wipes, and baby wash. I paired that with some chocolates I bought and a travel size cosmetic bag from Bath and Body Works that had been given to me but never used. I placed all the items into a wicker basket, wrote an inspirational note about motherhood and dropped it off at the hospital I had given birth both times. I instructed the nurses to give it to a single first-time mom as sort of an unexpected pick me up.

Reaction: The nurses greeted me with very intimidating expressions, but after I explained my intent, they responded warmly. I did not see the reaction of the intended recipient.

Cost/effort: Approx $4 plus the goodies I already had at the house. I grabbed a thing or two on my usual trip shopping, put it in the basket, and was in and out of the hospital in about 5 minutes.

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