Thursday, April 22, 2010

Stacy Day 4

Tiger Closet:

We have many needy students in the school where I teach; nearly 60% of our population is on the free/reduced lunch program. Here at CHS, we have what’s called the Tiger Closet. In it is kept donations of many things that the students and families of our students may need from time to time. Since I sponsor a community service club, I thought that our February project could help restock some of the much needed items that have been depleted. So, I organized a fundraiser that would get the whole school involved. Participating teachers would keep a jar on their desk for two weeks, and the teacher (from each academy) that collected the most money in their jar would have to dress up like a tiger for the day. We raised approx. $270 to replenish the closet, and unfortunately, I will be one of the teachers that has to wear a tiger costume. . . oh yeah, and I contributed money to the cause as well.

Cost/effort: $5 and a couple hours in the planning/implementing

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