Thursday, April 15, 2010

Meghan Day 4

TITLE: NICE THING #4 – Beer Cake for Co-Workers

DATE: February 23, 2010

I was getting ready to leave for a two week writing residency in Vermont and decided to do something nice for the people I work with, especially because I wouldn’t see them again for those two weeks. Plus, my boss had willingly and easily agreed to let me go on the sabbatical – not all bosses would allow an employee to just take off for two weeks in the middle of the busy season.

I made my world famous lemon beer cake and brought it in for everyone in the office.

Everyone was super excited to see the beer cake and I received a lot of compliments on how well it had turned out. A few people asked why I’d brought it in and when I said it was just for the heck of it, they smiled and said it had made their day. The cake didn’t last long, either, which was definitely a good sign!

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN? Absolutely. I love baking and the crowd at my office love being used as guinea pigs when it comes to food.

COST: $3.00 (cake mix, pudding mix, and lemons)

EFFORT: Baking a cake and bringing it into the office.

TIME: With preparation and baking, a little over 1 hour.

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