Friday, April 30, 2010

Diane Day 4

TITLE: Sharing a Book

Date: February 8, 2010

Explanation of the act: For those of us who love to read, sharing our ideas and opinions of books that we have read comes easy. But sometimes sharing the book itself can be difficult. We may not always express it, but in our minds we are telling the person we are lending the book to, to be careful with it. And we really want the book back as soon as possible.

Event: I have a tendency to buy books with the intention of reading them later. As of now, I have about 5 books that I plan to read in the near future. But the other night, I was at a party and someone mentioned that she wanted to read the current book of a particular author. I happened to own the book and have not had a chance to read it. She then mentioned that she had a friend who also wanted to read the book and could not find it in the library. The next day, I gave the person the book, with no strings attached, and told her she could pass it along to her friend and whoever else wanted to read it. No strings, no instructions. Just enjoy the book.

Reactions: She seemed happy not to have to worry about returning the book to me and that she would be able to pass the book around to her friends that were anxious to read it.

Would I do it again? Definitely

Cost: $20. For the book
Effort: Driving to her house to give her the book

Time: 5 minutes

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