Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lori Day 5

Title: Powerball tickets in library books with note about Project Nice/Nice Deed #5

Date: February 20

I went to my neighborhood liquor store and purchased 5 powerball tickets. I had my library books in the car to take back to the library.

Event: I placed 1 powerball ticket in 5 different books with a note that explained Project Nice so that they would not throw the ticket away without checking if they won. I put my email address on the note and asked them to let me know if they got the book with the ticket. Drove to the library and watched as the librarian checked the books in and placed them on the rack.

Reaction: I haven’t heard from anyone yet as I just did it today, but I am hopeful that I will. I think it would be fun to find a lottery ticket in a book with a note, so I hope others find it fun also.

Would I do it again? Yes
Cost: $5.00
Effort: Writing the note about Project Nice, buying the tickets, placing them in each book, and driving to the library.
Time: 5 minutes to write the note, 5 minutes to buy the tickets, 5 minutes to put them in the books, and 10 minutes to drive to the library.

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