Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lori Day 7

Title: Thanking the administrator of one of my favorite websites/Nice Deed #7

Date: Tuesday, February 23

I am a huge Boston Red Sox fan and check out many different Sox websites each and every day to get all of the latest news about the team. I came across a new group on Facebook called Yankees Suck. It was so thorough with news stories, links, fantasy league sign ups for just this group, t-shirt orders, etc. that it cut my time in half that I normally spent on 20 different sites. I also have been in touch with the guy who runs the site on several occasions. I even wrote out a long story to display on this site. Raymond, the guy that runs the site wrote on the wall that he was getting bad emails from some of the people that had joined the group saying they didn’t want all the information that he was providing and that they didn’t want to be informed of fantasy league information, etc. They even stooped so low as to belittle him and call him names. Raymond felt bad because he spends hours pulling articles and information together every day and is a very conscientious person.

Event: I wrote a long email to Raymond expressing my gratitude for his hard work on the site, on thinking to have a fantasy league just for our group, to take it upon himself to order t-shirts for us, etc. He really does go above and beyond what is expected and I really appreciate it.

Reaction: Almost immediately I got an email from Raymond in my facebook inbox thanking me for my kind words. He said that he did all the work he did for people like me and that he really enjoyed running the site for all of the Red Sox fans.

Would I do it again? Absolutely! I love thanking people that do a good job!
Cost: Nothing
Effort: Little effort, just writing the email
Time: Took 5 minutes to write the email

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