Wednesday, May 26, 2010

CIndy Day 2

ITLE: Free Bagel Coupon

Date: 30 Jan 2010

Explanation of the act:
We had a coupon from the internet for a free bagel and “smear” at Einstein Brothers. Who doesn’t love a free bagel?! We were planning to use it ourselves and printed out an extra to give away.

Well it was another snowy Saturday! Driving to the Einstein Brothers was a slow event. We got there and the place was packed! Awesome lots of potential people, although many of them already had their food, darn. The line was a few people deep. The lady in front of us seemed nice. I asked if she was getting a bagel and cream cheese. She said she was getting a box of bagels. Strike! So I still offered her the coupon indicating it wouldn’t expire until the next day.

As an additional note I made many copies of the coupon and left them in the staff room at school.

She took the coupon, thanked me and stuffed it into her purse. It probably didn’t get used. Personally I am always happy to just have the coupon even if I end up not using it. She wasn’t overly thrilled but thanked me. It is hard when people are already there for a specific purpose.

I saw several staff members excited for the coupon. I guess it makes more sense to give it to people who haven’t gone yet.

Would I do it again?

Sure who doesn’t like a good coupon. I do need to work on my strategy of how I approach people.

Cost: printer ink an paper (5 cents maybe..)

Effort: not much I was going for myself too. More effort was in the driving there and back

Time: 1 min to print and 30 sec to talk

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