Thursday, May 27, 2010

CIndy Day 3

TITLE: Disney World Fast Pass to the Tower of Terror

Date: 12 Jan 2010

Explanation of the act:

In Disney World they have this fabulous system called Fast Pass. You get a ticket and come back at the specified time and you move to the front of the line. You can get a new one approximately every 2 hours. The idea was to give someone our Fast Pass tickets.

We were getting ready to leave Hollywood Studios for Epcot. We got some Fast Pass tickets for the Tower of Terror that were usable in an hour or so. I approached a couple people heading there asking if they wanted them since we were leaving (even though I had deliberately procured the tickets.) The said no they would just go on the ride now. Strike! Really?! This is the best ride in the park, we try to ride it as many times as possible! I saw an middle age couple with “Happy Anniversary” buttons. Perfect! I approached them and offered them the tickets with a “Happy Anniversary” worked in.


They were appreciative. Hopefully this added to their anniversary trip.

Would I do it again?

Sure! This was easy enough. Next time I would get the tickets and hold onto them until it was the appropriate time and then approach someone who was in the regular line at that time so they could skip ahead. I may also choose a ride that has a longer line like the Toy Story Mania ride. Those Fast Pass tickets are a hot commodity and sell out within a couple hours of the park opening!


Nothing, it’s included with our park admission


Not much but next time I should be more strategic


About 5 minutes

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