Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lauren Day 6

Nice roulette

Chatroulette, if you have never heard it of, is a website that connects you to random strangers with whom you can chat (via video with audio, video without audio, or just plain text). It is a dangerous and scary place to which many find themselves unable to resist returning.

Event: I decided to improve as many chatroulette experiences as possible by getting on there and just being nice. It is sort of the virtual equivalent of giving a random stranger a compliment.

Reactions: This was not my best idea. Aside from the disturbing sights to which one will inevitably be exposed on this website, there are three things you are most likely to find: guys looking for ladies, drunk people looking for laughs, and bored people also looking for laughs. This meant that if I did manage to maintain a conversation with someone, my display of kindness was fairly likely to be mistaken for flirting. It's really not the right environment for this sort of project. Still, one must report both successes and failures, for the good of future generations.

Would I do it again? Probably not.
Cost: None.

Effort: Quite a bit.
Time: A couple of hours, at least.

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