Sunday, May 23, 2010

Emily Day 6

Day 6: Gave the mailman brownies.

Mailmen in general are pretty great, and yet, we seem to take them for granted. They ensure we get our letters and bills (Though I’m sure many people wish they didn’t.) and magazines, regardless of snow, sleet, hail, rain, and so on. They’re probably freezing in the winter, and sweltering in the summer because their car (Is it a car? I really don’t know.) has that open door thing so they can put the mail in the mailboxes. So, I decided to show him my appreciation.

Event: Baked some brownies, and put some in a nice bag with a note that thanked him for making sure we got our mail even with all this snow. In the morning, I put the bag of brownies and the note into my mailbox.

Reaction: I checked the mailbox after I came home from school, and the brownies were gone.

Would I do it again? Definitely.

Cost: Nothing. I found the brownie mix at the back of my cupboard, and the bag was in my basement.

Effort: I had to make the brownies, and walk down to the mailbox. So difficult.

Time: 20 minutes to make the brownies.

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