Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lauren Day 3

Coffee for Soldiers

Almost every store, be it the supermarket or a bookstore or gas station, has some kind of charity they're supporting. Usually at the checkout counter there will be a sign out asking you to donate to their cause. I am forever telling myself I will donate next time.

Event: While checking out at a Borders, I was given the chance to buy a pound of coffee for troops. My automatic inner dialogue of procrastination started up, but then I remembered that this was the month of Project Nice. This is when the whole point to the project (for me, anyway) really sank in: if you find yourself thinking, "I should really do this", just do it. Forget about the reasons not to. It's that simple.

Reactions: Either the woman at the register was just really good at faking enthusiasm, or she really believed in this cause. She seemed pretty happy about it.

Would I do it again? Most definitely!
Cost: About eight dollars.
Effort: None!
Time: Maybe an extra minute to the checkout, if that.

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