Saturday, May 29, 2010

CIndy Day 5

TITLE: Tried to pay for lunch

Date: 30 Dec 2009

Explanation of the act:

Spontaneous event. Pay for someone’s lunch. After Project Nice coordinator was on TV we decided to go to the best salad place in all of Washington D.C., Chop’t.

I was paying for my salad at one register and the girl next to me was paying too. She only had a Discover Card and Chop’t doesn’t take Discover. She didn’t have any other credit card to use. I offered my Visa card without skipping a beat. It was only going to cost under $15 no big deal. I told them to swipe my card for both meals. The girl wouldn’t hear of it. I tried to insist. Project Nice coordinator was just on TV for nice things this was the least I could do to try and be as awesome as her. The cashier said she would take care of it, I think this kind of thing must happen fairly regularly. It did seem as though they were going to make sure the girl got her lunch and that was what mattered. No one should miss out on a Chop’t salad lunch!

The girl thanked me many times for the nice offer. I tried to explain that we just left the TV studio for nice things but I was so flustered that I don’t think it came out very intelligibly . One the plus side I think it may have made her day that someone offered. That’s the goal right?

Would I do it again? Sure!

Cost: $0 but if successful would have been about $15

Effort: The effort was in trying to convince them to take my credit card!

Time: About 3 minutes

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