Sunday, May 30, 2010

CIndy Day 6

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CINDY!!!!! YOU'RE THE BEST!!! Or at least in the top ten!!!!

Shaken Not Stirred

Date: 20 Feb 2010

Explanation of the act:

I go to the same Starbucks several times during the week. They know me and my order. I get the venti unsweetened black ice tea. Starbucks advertises their ice tea to be shaken which means that ice, water, and concentrated tea go into what looks like a martini shaker. It get shaken and poured into the glass. It is delicious! Well several baristas just put everything in the cup and give it to you. It doesn’t have quite the same taste. The shaken is way better!

Today I decided to make a special point to thank my barista for shaking the tea. So I said upon receiving my tea “Thanks so much for actually shaking it. Not everyone does and it tastes so much better.”

Smile from barista and “I agree it tastes so much better and you get that nice little froth at the top. Have a good day!”

Would I do it again?

Absolutely!! How hard is it to thank people for doing a good job. We complain when people don’t do what they are supposed to but don’t thank or point out those that are doing it because “it’s their job” or “they get paid to do that.” Everyone likes to be thanked and acknowledged even if it is for doing what they are supposed to do.


Nothing! I was buying a drink anyway

Minimal – it was a natural conversation topic


30 seconds (if that)

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