Thursday, May 20, 2010

Emily Day 3

Day 3: Gave out heart necklaces to my students.

As a hobby/job, I student-teach two and three year olds at my dance studio. They are adorable (Most of the time, anyway. Their cuteness diminishes once they start screaming and crying because they got a purple sticker when they wanted a pink one.) and I thought, hey, why not give them a little something for Valentine’s Day?

Event: I went to the store to buy some heart necklaces, and gave one to all of my students.

Reactions: The kids liked the necklaces, and definitely appreciated any kind of present. The teacher smiled and told me that that was a nice thing to do. What made me laugh was that my two fellow student teachers actually were more excited about the necklaces than the kids. Apparently, they both can’t resisted shiny, red hearts.

Would I do it again? Yes.

Cost: About $8.

Effort: The hardest part was deciding what I should give the kids.

Time: 10 minutes (The shopping took the longest.).

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