Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Danielle Day 2

Day 2 – Free Parking

Fed expired parking meters – 2.16.10

As someone who has paid my fair share of parking tickets to the city of Cambridge, MA, I know how they can totally ruin your day. Especially when the weather’s crappy.

It was a snowy day and I had a meeting on the other end of campus (I work at a university in Cambridge, MA and, no, it isn’t Harvard or MIT). After my meeting, on the way back to my office, I walked down Mass Ave and put quarters in expired meters.

I found 4 meters that had ran out of time and put $1 in each of them, bringing the time up to an hour.

Unknown. Though if I came back to my car and saw that someone had put money in my meter I’d be super happy. Actually, I’m pretty psyched any time I come back to my car and I don’t have a parking ticket.

Would I do it again? I see no reason why not

Cost: $4

Effort: Not much. I even stuck the quarters in my coat pocket so I wouldn’t have to take off my nice warm gloves.

Time: My total walk time was about 10 minutes and it didn’t really take more than a few seconds to pop quarters in a few expired meters.

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