Friday, May 28, 2010

CIndy Day 4

TITLE: Let them have the shorter line

Date: December 2009

Explanation of the act:
Spontaneous event. I am not in a hurry and my line is going to move faster so let the person in the in the other line jump into my line.


My grocery line had a person with a couple items and the other line had someone with many items. The second person in line stood behind the person with lots of items. My person was getting ready to pay so I offered up my line. The person was thankful but then STRIKE my line paid with a CHECK! Who pays with checks still?! Well that slowed things down considerably and the other line finished first. Crap! The idea wasn’t for me to check out first but for them since I wasn’t in any sort of hurry. I apologized and offered back the original line.

The lady laughed and was totally nice about it and wasn’t in a hurry either. She appreciated my effort. So a sort of win for showing niceness…

Would I do it again? Maybe, but assess the situation more closely

Cost: Nada

Effort: Minimal

Time: A few minutes

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